Shape EngineeringShape Engineering

We have an in-house independent quality department that is responsible for maintaining both product and process quality. Its scope of work includes:

  • Incoming material inspection
  • Design of inspection plans and control plans
  • Design of manufacturing plans
  • In-process inspection of product
  • Final inspection of product
  • Documentation and Record keeping
  • Adherence to manufacturing procedures

Our quality department is well equipped with all required measuring instruments. Calibration of instruments is given due importance. Some of the equipment available are:

Ultrasonic Testing Machine Magnetic Particle testing machine Dumpy Level
Laser Marking Outside Micrometers Inside Micrometers
Depth Micrometers Vernier Calipers Plug Gauges
Ring Gauges Height Gauges Try Squares

We have our internal documented procedures for welding, shot blasting, painting, heat treatment, bending, blue matching etc.

Welding quality

Good welding is heart of steel fabrication. We understand the importance of welding quality and have utmost commitment to achieve best results. For this, we have qualified welding procedures as per ASME section IX. All our welders are well trained and qualified. To maintain quality, we have various checks and inspections.

Checks and inspection

We use NDT procedures like UT, MPI, MPT to ensure welding quality. For this, we have procedures approved by ASNT level III and our inspectors are ASNT level II qualified. Our work is regularly inspected by reputed third party quality inspection agencies like TUV, RITES, LLOYDS, QUEST, INTERTEK etc.

Standards Followed

We mainly work with American standards like ASME, ASNT etc. In addition, we are conversant with other standards like EN and JIS.

We are ISO 9001 certified.